New Interview | JAKOB BOKULICH
Photo by Abigail Tse.

Victoria Adelaide: When did you first become interested in art?
Jakob Bokulich:
I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, I was obsessed with drawing. I did my first oil painting when I was 12. I grew up in a pretty rigid religious family. However, my parents loved classical art, so, as a child, I found a sense of freedom and a way to express that through painting and art. At that time, my family’s house burned down, and with eight children, my parents had to find different places for all of us to stay. My brother and I stayed for a while at an artist’s house; his name is Art Danner. He showed me his studio, the way he worked, and that cemented the idea that I wanted to be an artist. I bought a small canvas, one tube of black paint, one tube of white paint, and I did my first painting.


VA: I’m sure this artist had a significant impact on you; besides him, which artists inspired you the most?
JB: He was very important at the time. I had two teachers from whom I learned tremendously: Charles Wolters…


  • Music comes from your heart, you have to feel it...

  • What you think, you end up following...

  • I consider myself a storyteller......

  • You can't teach what you don't know...

Crush Of The Week | Rachel Hunter
Photo: Monty Adams | Hair & make-up: Leisa Welsh | Styling: Briar Nevile | Mrs. Rachel Hunter is represented by Iconic Focus Models

Victoria Adelaide: You are best known as a supermodel and actress. Was modeling your dream as a child?
Rachel Hunter: My true love is for animals and the earth. In New Zealand where I grew up, our property was in a forest, and I would spend hours there as it felt like home. I also was a dancer from the age of five to about 15. However, I got toxoplasmosis, which is a blood disease that generally affects pregnant women. I was not pregnant, and the disease stopped me from dancing as I had no energy. To get my strength back after being sick for about nine months, I was running on the beach, because I was also an athlete. One day, a photographer approached me and told me I should be a model. I thought it was the most ridiculous idea I had ever heard. I spoke to my mother about it, and it just went from there. I never wanted to be a model; I did not think highly of it. I did the covers of Australian Vogue; I thought I would do modeling for six months, earn some money, and then that would be it.



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