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Victoria Adelaide: When did you first hear of Karen Blixen?
Anna Cataldi:
The first time I heard about Karen Blixen was through an exhibition of photographer Peter Beard that I attended in New York in 1977. It was about Africa and Karen Blixen. I had no idea who she was, and all these names, Denys Finch Hatton and Kamante, did not mean anything to me. Somehow, these photographs fascinated me, and step by step, I discovered more about Karen Blixen. Ironically, all the people I spoke to, including my sister, knew who Karen Blixen was.


VA: What kind of fascination ignited your desire to make a movie about Karen Blixen’s life?
In 1978, I took a journey to East Africa with my five-year-old daughter Jacaranda. First, we went to Sudan, and it was absolutely captivating, so pristine. Then we went to Kenya, but tourism was already there. I started to read Karen Blixen’s book, Out Of Africa, and through her story, I discovered what Kenya was like back then. It was so original and authentic. However, my interest broadened way beyond Karen Blixen’s existence; it was the atmosphere that she described that was incredible. So, I started to think: How could I recreate this atmosphere? Why not do a movie about life in East Africa at the time…


Crush Of The Week | K. FLAY

Victoria Adelaide: Your new single, Not in California, addresses climate change, pollution, and other current issues. Can you tell us about the story that inspired the song?
K. Flay: I was working for a week out of the studio in Stinson Beach, which is part of what I would call, quintessentially California beautiful. It’s sandwiched right between the Pacific Ocean and the redwood forest and, in that environment, my headspace was naturally going towards this physical world that we live in. I think that there is a prevailing feeling among a lot of people in my generation and younger that we’re living in this world that we didn’t create, which is rapidly changing in a lot of frightening ways. I moved to California when I was 18. I fell in love with the state and the ethos of it, culturally and environmentally. There are many things about California that are typically American in certain ways. It represents a lot of the ideals of openness and freedom that are really important to me and were as an 18-year-old…

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Photo: Lan Tran
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